Transportation has global reach and significance, covering several critical areas including the shipment of goods and services, travel, tourism as well as business logistics and urban transportation planning. Recent geopolitical events have introduced the dimension of security into transportation; therefore in addition to being efficient and economical, the need for secure transportation systems has become a priority in the industry.

Synergy’s search practitioners place senior managers and executives in key areas including all concerns of aviation, freight transportation and surface passenger transport. These executives have high caliber expertise to address the fundamental challenges of the transportation industry, which include efficiency, safety, and security.

Synergy’s areas of human capital expertise in Transportation includes:

  • Air Traffic Control and Airport Management
  • Aviation Management
  • Aviation Safety and Aviation Security
  • Communications and Navigation
  • Information Technology
  • Surveillance
  • Systems Integration
  • Air Transport
  • Freight/Cargo Transport & Vessel Management
  • Pipeline Transportation
  • Road/Rail Transport
  • Water Transport/Shipping