The Defense industry is an historical mainstay of technology and governance. Rapid changes in the geopolitical climate occasioned by increased terrorism, warfare in the Middle East and related conditions have pushed defense even more into the forefront of government and industrial activity worldwide. Increased demand for high tech weaponry and systems is promoting accelerated obsolesce of what is currently in use. New skill sets are being brought to bear on optimizing defense systems.

Synergy has been at the forefront of recruiting and facilitating the placement of highly experienced and skilled defense practitioners. Our experts also provide assistance to military personnel to ease transition into civilian work environments.

Our areas of human capital expertise in the Defense industry include:

  • Aerospace Security
  • Air Force Systems
  • Army Systems
  • Homeland Security
  • Missile Defense Systems
  • Information Technology
  • NASA
  • Naval Systems
  • Space & Intelligence
  • Strategic Architecture