Energy and Utility

Rapid change is a matter of course in the Energy and Utility industry. Price volatility, geopolitical risk, structural over capacity and under capacity in critical areas accentuates the need for players in this industry to develop expertise across the entire value chain. Domination by a few firms as well as regulatory uncertainty further increases the need for a high level of expertise.

Synergy’s E & U industry capability includes placing executives in several areas of the industry ranging from downstream to upstream operations in energy as well as in power and water utilities. Also, the practice has considerable expertise in placing executives in business advisory roles in management consulting firms that service the industry. Our candidates have high-level expertise in operational excellence, technological innovation, and strategic cost leadership in the energy value chain.

Our areas of human capital expertise in the E & U industry includes:

  • Energy markets
  • Refining and Marketing
  • Gas and Power
  • Water Utilities
  • US Energy Policy
  • Sector Risk
  • Investor and Government Relations