Intel and National Security

National Security and Intelligence are critical to the United State’s protection. The task of gathering foreign national intelligence, conducting counter intelligence and providing support to military operations is one that requires a high degree of competence and expertise. Language and research skills are also critical to these missions, which include the collection, protection, synthesis and dissemination of accurate mission critical information.

Synergy’s National Security recruiters specialize in placing top-level executives in various areas with multiple clients. Our client base includes defense consulting concerns and security agencies. Our candidate base is sufficiently exposed and knowledgeable to operate in the intersection of the intelligence agencies and the private sector that form the intelligence industry.

Synergy’s areas of human capital expertise in Intel and National Security includes:

  • Global security environment
  • Structuring and employing military forces
  • Personnel, training, and health policy
  • Military logistics and infrastructure
  • Military acquisition and technology policy
  • Information Technology