Digital Convergence and Cybersecurity

By Chuck Brooks, Sutherland Government Solutions We live in a world of digital convergence. Our banking accounts, credit cards, and financial daily activities are interconnected. Our interpersonal communications are more often than not via smartphones at social media apps. Our records, including personal medical histories, are all digitized and shared. We now conduct our daily lives in […]

Three Rules of Career Management

The biggest difference between today’s employment world and that of our fathers’ is the rapid pace of corporate change. Expectations of company stability and long lasting employment are a thing of the past. If one isn’t tuned into the signals of corporate change it can mean an unexpected layoff and months of unemployment and job […]

Beware of the Top 5 Interview Mistakes

We’ve all heard stories of job candidates who looked great on paper but who were absolute disasters in person. With fewer interview opportunities available in our competitive job market, it’s essential to make the best possible first impression. Learn from the mistakes of others and avoid these top five worst interview blunders: 1. Not preparing […]

Salary rises are back – but how much more are you worth?

There has been a fivefold increase in management consultancy recruitment over the last year, according to the latest analysis by Much of the rebound has been in the UK market, but in the US an upturn is also gathering pace – and globally firms are now firmly turning their attention back to the issues […]