The Defense industry is an historical mainstay of technology and governance. Rapid changes in the geopolitical climate occasioned by increased terrorism, warfare in the Middle East and related conditions have pushed defense even more into the forefront of government and industrial activity worldwide. Increased demand for high tech weaponry and systems is promoting accelerated obsolesce […]

Diversity Recruiting

Synergy Search Partners works with leaders in the technology and consulting industries to develop specialized solutions for sourcing and recruiting senior level, high caliber diverse candidates for leadership positions. As the industry grows more inclusive, Synergy is at the forefront of extending this culture of inclusion to the highest level of organizations in different areas. […]

Energy and Utility

Rapid change is a matter of course in the Energy and Utility industry. Price volatility, geopolitical risk, structural over capacity and under capacity in critical areas accentuates the need for players in this industry to develop expertise across the entire value chain. Domination by a few firms as well as regulatory uncertainty further increases the […]

Health and Life Sciences

The Health and Life Sciences industry continues to grow in relevance even as it undergoes massive changes occasioned by technology, consumer preferences, the continued emergence of biotechnology and rapid changes in pharmaceutical and medical device companies. With health care costs easily rising to a tenth of the GDP of developed countries, speculation abounds of imminent […]

Homeland Security

Recent domestic and international geopolitical events have brought homeland security to the forefront of affairs in the United States. Significant resources and some of the best talents across the board are being engaged in the decisive struggle to make the home land secure. Critical efforts in this area include detection/advance warning, prevention, collaboration and response/resilience […]

Intel and National Security

National Security and Intelligence are critical to the United State’s protection. The task of gathering foreign national intelligence, conducting counter intelligence and providing support to military operations is one that requires a high degree of competence and expertise. Language and research skills are also critical to these missions, which include the collection, protection, synthesis and […]

State and Local Governments

Synergy Search Partners provides recruitment services to companies with State and Local Governments clients. The large, complex systems administered by these governments have growing needs in information technology and human resources that Synergy is well equipped to meet. Synergy’s seasoned search professionals have extensive State/Local Government experience and the savvy for reaching those candidates with […]


Telecommunication covers operating, maintaining or providing access to facilities for the transmission of voice, data text and video between network termination points and telecommunications reselling. This highly complex and innovative industry has seen remarkable change over the past few years as a result of advances in technology and regulation/deregulation. Synergy’s work in Telecommunications provides candidates […]


Transportation has global reach and significance, covering several critical areas including the shipment of goods and services, travel, tourism as well as business logistics and urban transportation planning. Recent geopolitical events have introduced the dimension of security into transportation; therefore in addition to being efficient and economical, the need for secure transportation systems has become […]