Health and Life Sciences

The Health and Life Sciences industry continues to grow in relevance even as it undergoes massive changes occasioned by technology, consumer preferences, the continued emergence of biotechnology and rapid changes in pharmaceutical and medical device companies. With health care costs easily rising to a tenth of the GDP of developed countries, speculation abounds of imminent government takeover of the system in the US. This is underscored by the over 40 million people without adequate cover in the US.

As the industry changes and grows, the emerging consensus is the need for re-engineering, especially in the area of information technology to increase efficiency and cost savings. Synergy recognizes that the need for high caliber professionals to lead the process as never been more important. As a result, Synergy has strategic relationships with consulting firms, health care companies, and with executives in the industry. Some of the areas in which our candidate pool has expertise include:

  • Clinical Trials
  • Strategy and Operations
  • Policy and Regulatory Analysis
  • Systems Reengineering
  • Information Technology And Systems
  • Government Relations